Retirement Planning

**Licensed in multiple states; can take care of us for details**

Retirement planning is more important than ever.  We have been helping folks do that here in the Ozarks and surrounding areas since 1993.  We have helped set up and manage Defined Benefit (Pension) plans, 401k plans, 403b plans, IRA's, SIMPLE-IRA's, SEP-IRA plans, Roth-IRA's, Roth IRA conversions, and set up tax-free rollovers from all these types of accounts.

Our retirement clients include  U.S. Military retirees, employees from the Federal and State government, Doe Run Mines, Walmart, Physician and Law Practices, area hospitals (Salem, Rolla, St Louis, Houston, Springfield), school districts, Cantex, US Foodservice, Boeing (airplane co), General Motors, Chrysler, and many other corporations and entities.  We are familiar with the plans and procedures of benefit and HR departments, and can help make your retirement transition as tax-free and stress-free as possible.

We represent a variety of companies, the oldest dating back to the 1600's (AVIVA), several from the 1800's (William Penn, etc), and a few A-Rated younger American companies.  We will help custom-tailor a solution that meets your goals and specifications, and help keep your money working for you after you retire.  Taxes are always an important issue, and we can help you keep those to a minimum...before, and during retirement.

Ask about our 6.5% Pension Creation Accounts...Insured principal, with better earning power.  Helping our clients with their financial planning needs since 1993.

A special thank-you to our clients, who have propelled us again in 2011 to an exclusive group of industry leaders.  For the 4th year, we are among the top 5% nationwide (22000 Representatives) with American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company, and 2% worldwide with the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) organization of financial planning professionals.  As the song goes, "We get by, with alotta help, from our friends...". 

Thank you, and God bless...