Bill has been helping families nationwide keep their money safe and growing here in the Ozarks since 1993.  If you are willing to invest an hour or so in conversation, Bill will do his best to help yours too.   As a Certified Financial Fiduciary®,  Bill is obligated to place the needs of your family first, and share ideas you may not know about, unique to your situation.  As an RICP®, Bill specializes in helping you create a stable income stream in retirement, while protecting your assets with a potential for growth.

Bill is also a best-selling financial author (link below), precious metals analyst, and financial analyst for the United States Gold Bureau, who is frequently quoted in major media outlets such as US News & World Report,  MSN-Money, The Street, Bankrate, and others, concerning the latest proven innovative financial strategies available today.   Link to articles and media interviews here.

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Bill Stack, Agent/Owner

  • Certified Financial Fiduciary® RICP® , CSA, CSFP, MDRT
  • Retirement Income Certified Professional, since 2016
  • Certified Senior Advisor, since 2003
  • Chartered Senior Financial Planner, since 2006
  • Life Member - Million Dollar Round Table

Over 27 Years in Financial Planning

Retirement Income Certified Professional

The American College of Financial Services

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Stack Financial Services LLC

  • 123 W. Fourth (PO Box 503)
    21 Hwy 8 (Steelville MO)
    Salem, Missouri 65560
  • Phone (573)247-1116
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Claims paying ability based upon the financial condition of the issuer.   Fixed Annuities are products of the insurance industry, and though guaranteed,  are not associated with or insured by the FDIC.   U.S. Savings Bonds are guaranteed, but not associated with or insured by the FDIC.    Purchasing  precious metals, while serving as a possible hedge against inflation, involves risk to the prinicpal amount used to purchase them;  precious metals are not associated with or insured by the FDIC.  Certificates of Deposit and savings accounts are products of the banking industry, and are insured by the FDIC.  Interest rates of all financial products are subject to change, regardless of the company or type of industry that issues them.  Check with a qualified professional before buying any financial product, to make sure it is the best product to meet your needs.