Trustee/Fiduciary Services

We offer services to those serving as trustees, for either their own trust, or the trust of a friend or family member, living or deceased.  It is important that the assets of the trust be protected, and growing or providing income at a competitive rate, and we will help make that happen.

We also serve as trustees, with fiduciary responsibility, at the request of our clients.  We ask that if at all possible, there be another friend or family member serving as a co-trustee, to avoid any conflict of interest, or appearance thereof.  Sometimes we also require a written request from you, explaining why you would like us to do this, and a legal document that clearly delineates and limits our authority to accomplish only what you want us to do.  We also can refer you to other trustee services, through our contacts with local attorneys and nationally recognized estate planning organizations.  Should you already have an attorney, we are willing to work with them to see that your instructions are carried out in a timely manner.

Sometimes, there is a concern that a beneficiary may not be able to handle money.  We can help you or your trust establish an income stream for them, so that they won't run out of income for their entire lifetime (or shorter period), if that is your desire.  We are very familiar with how to do this, and have done it many times.  You may wish that other beneficiaries receive their proceeds right away.  We can help them understand their options tax-wise, and receive their distribution in a way that maximizes their benefit while minimizing their taxes.