Asset Protection

Our philosophy about money is this: accomplish your goals with as little risk as possible.  Some people are in a position to meet their goals using only insured accounts.  We can help you find the insured accounts paying you and your family the best rates available locally.  This is one type of protection, and an important one - to make sure you don't lose those hard-earned dollars, accumulated over a lifetime.

To protect your purchasing power over time, and to fight the effects of rising prices, sometimes it may make sense to allocate a portion of your holdings to precious metals.  There are many different ways to do this, some safer than others.  We can help explain some of the issues surrounding the purchase of precious metals (silver, gold, etc), and the risk/rewards for doing so. 

We can help you find a better value for the money you choose to invest in precious metals.  Remember, not all that glitters is gold.  Sometimes silver and other metals provide more opportunity, and less risk, than gold.  As an investment-grade precious metals dealer, we can help educate you on pitfalls to watch out for, and the opportunities that exist to protect the purchasing power of your hard-earned dollars. 

We also offer an Electromagnetic Assay service for our clients, to help them ensure they are getting the metal they pay for, without damaging or marring the metal.  If you have precious metals you have purchased elsewhere, and want us to help verify the authenticity, we can help you do so, for a small fee.